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The Classic Tartan 37

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Profile and Perspective

The Blackwatch Story

As with many great boats the Blackwatch 37 started on paper in the Little Harbor boatyard in Marblehead, MA in 1963 by Ted Hood. The boat then was known as the "Hood 37". The design was highly influenced by the first of the "Robin" series in 1959, which won the outstanding racing boat of the year. Quite appropriately, the first "Hood 37" built by Little Harbor was named "Robin II". Several of these were built and a few are still around today. Reportedly, they have wood decks instead of the fiberglass decks later produced by the Tartan factory.

Hull #1 rolled off the line in 1965 with 32 boats built through 1970. A fire at the factory in late 1970 destroyed the molds for the boat and a replacement for the 37 was not found until 1977, at which time a lighter, beamier and thinner S&S design was employed.

Hulls 1 through 15 were called the "Blackwatch" and sported mahogany coach sides with a stepped roofline. In the middle of 1968, in an attempt to lighten up the boat, a straightened and fiberglass coach house was introduced with an interior layout change, moving the head from starboard midship to forward port side and spreading the galley across the companion area. These were hulls 16 through 32 and called the "Classic". The vessels had the options of a centerboard or fixed full keel and could be delivered as a sloop or yawl.

Ted Hood at the helm of the
Blackwatch under sail

The Blackwatch Story is courtesy Martin Burs, former owner of Faiaoahe (hull #3) and author of the original Blackwatch website.

For more on the Blackwatch history
and additional photos click here.

Design and Reference Data

Owners Manual

(299kb pdf)
courtesy Arnold Shore

Sail Plan

(27kb pdf)
courtesy Tartan Yachts

General Arrangement

(41kb pdf)
courtesy Tartan Yachts

At Anchor

Brochure Photo
courtesy Arnold Shore

Forward Salon

Brochure Photo
courtesy Arnold Shore

Aft Salon

Brochure Photo
courtesy Arnold Shore

Photo Gallery and Owner Comments

Owner Comments by Jason Calianos

I bought Spray four years ago and, as far as I can determine, I am only the third owner. She is the last of the Classic 37's built, #32.

I was told she was originally owned by a man named Halsey, who was the father of the sail maker. By the way, Halsey-Lidgard makes great sails, even for old boats. I own a few of their sails and it has made a big difference. The next person in the line of ownership was Tim Moll. Tim Manages a Brewers marina in Plymouth MA. I bought the boat from him.

I race her locally in medium distance races. She does great in her division. Last season we won first in the FIGAWI race and second in the Down East Challenge. For those who don't know, the Figawi is a race from Hyannis to Nantucket MA held each Memorial Day. I have done this for a number of years. It is a great way to start off the season (usually cold and wet). The Down East Challenge was a first for us this year. This is a great race that goes from Gloucester MA to Rockland ME. Allot of fun and a great way to get a boat to Maine. Check out the web pages on both of these races for more info.

We also do a race called the Chapman Bowl which is an all night race around Cape Cod Bay. We were on our way to a second in this one last season, but the wind died. After 12 hours of going in circles we called it a day, started the engine and went home. We intend to build our skills and race in the next Marblehead to Halifax race (Won by this yacht in 1971 I was told) followed by the Marion to Bermuda race.

Spray is a pleasure to sail in coastal or open ocean. As long as there is some wind blowing she will do well. She is comfortable especially when heeled. We use racing as an excuse to sail, so we usually emerge from these races fatter, happier, and rested. A true cruiser / racer I would say. Besides these races I also cruise with my family - my wife and two daughters (Isabella 7, Sophia 4).