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    Tartan Owner Boat Reviews Owner submitted reviews of various Tartan models. The reviews are searchable by model or keyword.
    Harbor Notes Plan a trip or check a new area with these geo-coded tips about harbors, passages and shoreside attractions provided by owners.
    Tartan Listservs: Several Tartan listservs are available on the net. Of those listed, the free Yahoo service appears to have the most traction among owners.
    Tartan Yachts: Tartan's FAQ page contains useful information on various topics such as interior finishes, bottom prep, Spartite, etc.

    The Tartan Parts site features upgrade kits and replacement parts for various models, as well as other useful information for all Tartan owners.

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    These two links allow searches for owner information based on the vessel's Boat Name.  Updated Quarterly.

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Tartan sail tales on the site and the net

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Personal web pages of Tartan owners

    Boat Name Model Description
    Pretentious T26 Tod details the restoration of his T26.
    Callipygian T27 The Winter's adventures aboard Callipygian from Hell Gate to Cape Cod.
    Howl T30 Sailing out of Casco Bay, Howl is an excellent example of the venerable Tartan 30, also available for charter.
    Johanna V T31 Piper An interesting site about José and Bart's 1993 Tartan 31 Piper. Oh, and don't forget to learn a bit of Dutch before you visit!
    Larina T33 Nice collection of photos and upgrades by owners Bob & Ginger Weismantel along with information on their local cruising grounds along the Hudson.
    Magic T41 Sailing out of Casco Bay Maine, Magic is also available for charter.
    Mako T3700 An interesting site detailing a challenging commissioning process on a 2005 T3700.
    Nicknack T37C Paul Nickerson's site about his T37C.
    Pinga T37C A nice page by Pinga's former owner, Jim Schneider
    Rouser T37C Follow the adventures of Eric and Angela as they head offshore from Olympia, Washington starting August, 2002.
    Ruffian T34C Jon Theurmer's site including spec's and other info on the T34 along with a nice photo album of his travels.
    Sea Cup T30 Going to Maine (or beyond)?  Al's narrative contains many good tips on his travels "Down East".
    Silent Storm T27 Amanda's photo album of Silent Storm after an extensive refit.
    Therapy T27 Phil has cataloged quite a collection of photo's of his restoration project. You'll find links here to several other T27 owners as well.
    Tigger T37C Circumnavigators and authors Sharon and Dave Ragle's home on the net.  You'll never know where they'll be...  Check the site for their latest adventures!
    Vixen T34C An excellent owner's site detailing Jack Waddell's restoration of his T34C.
    Windchime T37C Projects and photo journal of T37 Windchime sailing downeast Maine.
    Womble T33 A photo journal of Gregg's T33 with many tips and techniques on maintenance and improvements.